MBA Team, Inc. receives official confirmation of the patent-pending status of EZ Yearbooks

MBA Team, Inc., a web design and marketing consulting firm announced today that it has received a patent pending status for EZ Yearbooks, its innovative online system for creating, managing and editing yearbooks. “Our filing gives us patent-pending protection and a green light for marketing our system to schools in preparation for the 2003 academic year,” said James Kennedy, Principal at MBA Team, Inc.

Online article submission and peer review via the web have become the industry standard in the publishing world, but it hasn’t caught on in the yearbook industry. The EZ Yearbook system is designed to streamline the process of creating yearbooks by cutting down on the time-consuming, labor-intensive processes. “Our revolutionary system makes it possible to write, edit, revise and approve yearbook copy wherever and whenever yearbook staff have online access. By containing user input within specific parameters and minimizing time spent handling paper-based documents, yearbooks are delivered to publication error free in a managed timeframe,” said Kennedy.

The company is also launching its nation-wide marketing campaign this week in Portland Oregon at a National Convention sponsored by the National Scholastic Press Association and the Journalism Education Association. Kennedy expects to receive a warm reception at the conference as the company demonstrates their web-based system for creating yearbooks. As an exhibitor at the event EZ Yearbooks will be presenting its patent pending system to thousands of students, advisers, high school journalists and yearbook publishers as they attend over 200 sessions of seminars, media swap shops and writing contests.

About EZ Yearbooks:

MBA Team, Inc. is also in the process of spinning off EZ Yearbooks as a separate company operating as an online application service provider specializing in providing web based publishing systems for creating yearbooks. EZ Yearbooks will provide affordable, web-based publishing solutions to facilitate yearbook creation. Founded on the premise that that the Internet is an ideal medium for creating yearbooks; its mission is to develop web based systems that make the process of creating, editing and publishing yearbooks as easy and fun as possible.

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