Well written content is critical for SEO strategy!

Our many years of experience have proven that clients, their products and projects benefit dramatically from a strategically planned web presence. We are very passionate believers in the power of words to affect and motivate people, and that also goes for the power of words to motivate the online search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.) to put your web site in the best possible position, connecting you in the most targeted and effective ways with your growing audience.

We think it is very important for you to consider the following steps and ask for our help in making these steps a reality:

A. Strategic Writing of your Web Site

1. Keyword strategy. Keyword research must be done to find out what people are actually typing into the search engines. Identifying the keywords your target audience is using to find the products and services you are offering, is the most important part of your web site marketing strategy. This compilation of keyword phases (two or more keywords) will be used in:

  • Web page titles and headings
  • Content of the web site
  • Linking between web pages
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising

In formulating your keyword strategy, it’s generally considered best to take a top-down approach. That is, identify the two or three major search terms that describe your business. These terms will be much too general to target individually, but we’ll use them to develop your specific keyword phrases. Of course, it will be important to analyze the competition and your current keywords on an ongoing-basis. The really important number is the amount of traffic each keyword generates. Since search engine algorithms and methods are bound to change and are diverse, it is important to revisit your keyword strategy on a regular basis.

2. Target pages to main audience constituencies. The key is to know your audience and address what they are looking for, rather than presenting what your business can offer. When you build a website for your business it has to be built so it draws visitors looking specifically for the product or service you provide if the goal is to draw online sales or have someone find out more about your company if they were referred to you. This requires narrowing down what type of information, features and products your targeted audience would be looking for. To be found on the Internet by visitors that have the potential of being actual customers, the website writing needs to contain quality information, keywords and phrases the targeted audience would search for and project a professional appearance.

3. Integrating keyword strategy and web content. Also, it is important to point out that keywords need to be re-used in the content itself of the page, and this is done by striking a careful balance between selling to prospect customers, optimizing for search engines, and making the text interesting and useful to your visitors. Because search engines want repeat customers, they try to return relevant results, so this content cannot be artificially crafted for the purpose of search engine ranking only; but rather, one must take into consideration the importance of contextual relevancy and content usability when repeating any words or phrases.

4. A call to action. The web page needs to have a call to action, and you need to have some ROI measurement in place to establish the success of your search engine marketing strategy (whether it is paid or unpaid search engine keywords).

5. Content creation and freshness. Your site needs to grow its content to increase its search marketability, relevancy and ranking. Indeed, the more fresh content your site has, the more likely it will come up in search results, and the more your audience will come back to your web site.
A selection of our clients past and present includes:

  • Lifespan, Inc, Providence RI
  • Marlborough Foundry, Marlborough, MA
  • ACAF Systems, Inc., Providence RI
  • Fulton Research, Fairfax Virginia and Lancaster, PA
  • Ali and Dad’s Army, Worcester, MA
  • Thomas Dooley Foundation, New York, NY
  • Rehabilitation Hospital of the Cape and Islands, Sandwich, MA
  • UMass Memorial Cancer Center, Worcester, MA
  • UMass Memorial Children’s Medical Center, Worcester, MA
  • Worcester Chamber of Commerce
  • Worcester Cultural Coalition
  • Task Financial, Nashua NH
  • Fidelity Bank, Worcester, MA
  • Medway Co-operative Bank, Boston, MA