Establishing a Brand Identity

At MBA Team, we take brand identity seriously. Our full spectrum of concept to completion services for companies and organizations seek to define or redefine your brand and maximize your presence both on- and offline.

Brand is perception and reputation. Honda is reliable. Volvo is safe. Mercedes-Benz is prestigious. Brand identity is the expression of a brand. It is the ongoing effort to manage a brand and to shape the clientele’s perception in the way you want to be viewed.

It is a matrix of communications, typically beginning with the all important logo development. As the identifying element, your logo allows immediate recognition by the viewer and plays an important role in brand identity especially on collateral such as business cards, brochures, and letterhead. Other important parts of brand identity include websites, advertising, signage, presentations, media campaigns and word of mouth. If done correctly, brand identity distills the essence of a product or service, introduces or reintroduces it to the clientele, clarifies the clientele’s response, and through repetition manages perception and builds trust.

Before we create a website, collateral or a media campaign, we begin the process of brand development. We have developed a high-impact, low-cost branding program that starts with getting a clear understanding of what your customers think of you today and ends with a clearly defined strategy for owning your place in your customer’s mind in the form of a design brief. The brief becomes the tool to sync our designers, writers, and producers.

We use tools such as questionnaires with key decision makers, focus groups, evaluation of competitor’s sites, the use of reference sites to help create your vision and the development of brand drivers that define your company and your philosophy.

Our professional designers and writers thrive on the challenge of making sure that you stand out from the crowd. We offer exceptional graphic design, professional writing and promotional services. This enables us to offer clients comprehensive brand management that integrates all marketing media around a unified image. We will both craft and fine-tune your core identity and make sure it is heard.