Market Analysis

Because Yesterday’s Knowledge Is Already Dated

We have some bad news: your audience is a moving target. And, so are your competitors. To succeed, you need to study your market constantly. In a business world where today’s genius is tomorrow’s fool, it helps to have the brainpower of MBA Team, Inc.’s market research and analysis professionals behind you as an “extra set of hands.”

Our market research recommendations are as varied as the clients we serve. At the most basic level, we use our library of research and data collection tools to develop a full picture of a company or organizations’ market, the demands of the consumer, and the actions of its competitors.

For clients who need a deeper understanding of their audience, we perform triads – a more evolved focus group model – as well as telephone, mail, and online research studies. Then we apply our decades of experience to sifting through the data and finding the information that drives successful strategies.

All of this information feeds directly into the annual marketing plans we create for each of our clients. This commitment to research ensures that we never get complacent, and that our strategies never get stale.

Consider these diverse Research Services options we can provide to you:

  • Triad Focus Groups
  • Telephone, Mail and Online Surveys
  • Data Collection and Secondary Research
  • One-on-One Interviews
  • Competitor and Market Analysis