Case Study: Stavis Seafoods

Founded in 1929, family owned Stavis Seafood owner Richard Stavis saw an opportunity. With internet usage and e-commerce continuing to grow at a rapid pace, Stavis Seafood was committed to remaining cutting edge. Part of that commitment included a web redesign with SEO as a core component.

The Market

The seafood industry is a somewhat old fashioned industry, not known for its embrace of technology. Much of the sales activities are still “meet & greet” at trade shows, or even less efficient “one on ones”.

Stavis Seafood recognized that efficient use of the internet and its marketing capabilities should be an important part of their marketing strategy. With sales coming from local, national, and international customers, a strong web presence and a high search ranking position are critical drivers of success.

The Challenge

Integrate proven SEO strategies into Stavis Seafood’s web redesign to accomplish the following:

  • Maintain strong local Boston web presence
  • Increase national internet exposure, encompassing Miami location and beyond
  • Continue to grow international sales

The Solution

An integrated web design/SEO strategy was developed to help Stavis Seafood achieve and maintain first-page search rankings. Early focus was placed in the local Boston market. The strength of those results provided a solid base to expand SEO activities in support of national and international sales efforts.

Critical key words were identified and utilized in all appropriate places, including web copy, page links, button titles, product photos and images, and behind the usages such scenes meta tags, photo descriptions, etc.


While most in the seafood industry have seen a slowdown in business due to economic conditions, Stavis Seafoods has actually seen an increase in sales. Stavis Seafood enjoys first page ranking for all identified key search words and terms. Local success was replicated nationally and internationally. To quote the client directly, “leads have never been stronger, and the sales people have never been busier!”