Case Study: U-Mass Lowell

The University of Massachusetts LowellThe University of Massachusetts Lowell has contracted the MBA Team to help with the implementation of an Intellectual Property Management Portal (CVIP Faculty Portal) for Faculty and Staff. The portal site is an extension of the existing IP portal that was originally developed in-house. The goal is to create a self-service communication tool for stakeholders to access their intellectual property information and update their personal information.  The CVIP Faculty Portal is a secure web-based system which allows UMass Lowell’s faculty and staff to enter the site with their UMass user names and credentials to access the following information:

  • Search and view their intellectual property information
  • Create customized reports
  • Create, edit and submit invention disclosure in PDF
  • Prepare technology summaries for the UMass search engine
  • Modify their contact information.

We are happy with the project that MBA Team has done for us, they have great programming expertise and they made good suggestions for our project. Their customer service level exceeds our expectations and their pricing is very competitive. I highly recommend the MBA Team and their work.

Susu Wong, Licensing Associate, CVIP